Do I hafta grow up?

I think I’m a grown up now. Or ‘grup’, if you are old like me.

What makes me think this is that I have discovered the things that make me excited (doing or having) are what I would have called BORING not too long ago.

I’m getting a new washer and dryer today. This is bringing me no end of excitement and joy. I hate doing laundry! But even so, I am SO STOKED about getting a new washer and dryer!

For Christmas, I got pretty new mixing bowls and casserole dishes. My husband got me a fancy Ninja (the one with the blender, single serve, AND food processor!). BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.

I’ts only January, and I’m ready for spring. Why? Not because of cute spring clothes, or the approach of swimming weather, or anything like that, but because I have PLANS, plans for a GARDEN, and I cannot wait to spend my days digging in dirt and (attempting) to make things grow!

My favorite window shopping experience now? Home Depot.

It’s official. I’m a boring grown up.

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