I want my own bathroom.

I have a husband. I also have two kids at home, 14 and 10 year old boys. Add to this the fact that we have 3 dogs, two of which are male.

The. Testosteone. Is. Palpable.

No matter how much I clean it, our one bathroom smells. I’ve resigned myself to Glad plugins and Febreze.

No matter how well I know that they know their manners, there is still flatulence, poo jokes, and roaring laughter if someone dares say “you DO do that.”

Outside the home, they are all always gentlemen, though.

And in a few years, it will be just me and ONE man. Maybe a dog.

So for now, I am sitting back, and coming to terms with my messy, sometimes stinky (until I can Febreze it), often loud and juvenile, greasy home. And enjoying every second of them all knowing that they can just be themselves at home.

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