My Outdoor Projects (hopefully!)

Spring seems to be coming early in Eastern Oregon! We are already staying in the 50s for our highs, and even creeping into the 60s! I’m antsy for Spring, Winter is my least favorite season. I don’t do cold well, never have. Needless to say, I’ve already started a few seeds indoors, and have a couple of ideas for outside!
First is my raised garden bed. That will go on the west side of our house. As you can see, right now there is NOTHING there. Originally there were some horrible bushes, but hubby pulled those out last year.

Unlandscaped west side

The front of the house has no landscaping yet. I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to decide what I need to plant there, but it’s mostly shade, and I don’t want anything a) that doesn’t flower, since it needs color, and b) gets too big, since the low window is the only natural light in my sons room. We’d love to build a porch, but our only water spigot is there, and we can’t block it.

The unlandscaped front

What I think I’m going to try, though, is a LOW patio, just off the ground, made of pallets. It will be big enough for pots of growing things, and some chairs, maybe a little table!
I will definitely have “after” images once I get done!


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